The Golden Spartan

All natural premium handmade beard, hair & tattoo care products!

The Golden Spartan is unique.

It cares for you.

The Golden Spartan knows what you need.

What you expect & demand.

100% handmade and all natural products

The Golden Spartan exclusively uses the highest quality natural ingredients. Hand poured for your beards enjoyment. The Golden Spartan Beard oil hydrates and moisturizes your beard while acting as a grooming tool. It prevents hair from growing brittle, helps prevent flaking, dandruff and skin dryness. It makes the beard more manageable, neat, soft and smooth.

Who We Are

We are NOT a large scale, high production company. We are a small family run business, made of genuine beard enthusiasts who love nothing more than taking care of your beards. All our products are handmade in small batches with great care. Your beard’s satisfaction is our greatest reward.

Our Beardsmen

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“The Golden Spartan is my great friend. I use their beard oils both personally and professionally. My clients are extremely satisfied with the effect the oil has on their beard and also with the great scents!”

Carlo Zagorac - The Barbers

"Concerning the quality of the oil and my overall impression - superb! I'm amazed with all of your fragrances!"

Milan Lazarević

"Dear bearded friends I must compliment you on your bar shampoo, oil and wooden comb. WELL DONE!"

Sava Kontrić

"Really great products. Dark forest beard oil has a uniquely nice scent, very pleasant. You can sense that it is 100% natural. The soap is very refreshing. Now I have a morning ritual!"

Milutin Jovanović

"A fast and efficient team! Great products. Citrus Island beard oil is excellent with great citrus scents! I tried their oils in a barbershop and I just had to buy them. The prices are also excellent."

Jovan Radaković

"Gentleman beard oil has a wonderful mild scent, ideal for the winter! My beard isn’t tangled and I don’t have trouble combing it anymore. The bar shampoo I noticed right away is excellent quality and is not filled with all sorts of chemicals."

Damir Garčević

"Best Products! I really liked them! I recommend it to all who want to use the best products for their beard!"

Arber Kodra

"Dark forest - hearty, strong, refreshing scent, the beard is held in place. I've been using the oil for only two days and my beard already looks healthier and nicer! "

Vlada Gvozdenović

"Citrus Island beard oil has an exceptional aroma, it's very high quality. My sincere recommendations for all beardsmen!"

Pavle Birac

"Of the ten various oils I've used before, The Golden Spartan Dark forest is the best for my beard. The quality is remarkable, the beard is easily combed, its soft and obedient and the fragrance is captivating."

Haris Coralic

"Excellent beard oil, my recommendations! Warrior beard oil has a very refreshing eucalyptus aroma, it's a must have for all who love strong and refreshing flavors. "

Stevan Komatina