BEARD BOOSTER beard growth serum

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Do you have a patchy or weak beard? Not happy with its ‘fullness’?

Your skin is sensitive, beard brittle and weak?
Our Beard Booster beard growth serum is a product that stands out in a sea of ​​similar products.
It is an ideal combination of nature, science and many years of experience and dedication that our company brings into every beard care product.

The Golden Spartan Beard Booster is the result of six years of intensive research.
A rich formula of highly active ingredients that with proper, regular and patient application will make your dreams of a lush full beard, come true.

How does the Beard Booster stimulate beard growth?

Biotin and caffeine extracts enhance the microcirculation of the skin and dormant hair follicles, providing enhanced nutrition and energy at a cellular level.
B-complex vitamins additionally nourish young, newly created cells, and the rich presence of panthenol renews and regenerates hair and skin.
As a particularly valued active ingredient, our Beard Booster boasts one of the strongest antioxidants and bio activators that exist in nature: taxifolin – a flavonoid extracted from Siberian cedar.

The complete formulation of these carefully selected ingredients will increase blood circulation of your skin, awaken dormant hair follicles and strengthen existing ones.

What can you expect and when?

Within 6 to 8 weeks, a regular user will notice the first delicate bright hairs.
But that is just the beginning. These are just so-called anagen hairs – hair that is very tender, frail, young and developing.
You have to be persistent and patient until strong, mature, telogen hair appears. It is not realistic to expect a miracle (full beard) overnight. It is a process that lasts from 6 months to a year and differs depending on genetics and external influences, ie the lifestyle of each man, separately.
Although it seems to you that this is a long period, in the end, you will be really satisfied with your results.


The Beard Booster is applied two times a day, in the morning and evening, on a clean face.
It is easily spread. For one area of ​​the face, a pea-sized amount is enough. One to two pumps are enough for one application.
It is quickly absorbed, and the delicate film that remains on the surface of the skin quickly becomes invisible.
In order to achieve even greater efficiency of the Beard Booster, we highly recommend using our Beard Roller.


Distilled water, mint hydrolate, caffeine extract, glycerin, panthenol, niacin, biotin, peppermint essential oil, geogard ultra, polyacrylic acid, dihydroquercetin.

Q & A


Can I shave while using the Beard Booster?

Shaving is not recommended.
You can trim your beard if you want to keep it tidy.
However, to avoid damaging new hair, we do not recommend doing it often.

Are there any negative effects?

Our Beard Booster does not contain hormones or any other harmful substances.
Also, it has been tested and has a health safety certificate.

How long does one bottle last?

One Beard Booster is enough for 45 days of regular use.

Is the Beard Booster effective for scalp hair growth?

The highly active ingredients of the Beard Booster have been scientifically tested and confirmed as hair growth enhancers and improve its vitality. We have many examples where the use of our beard growth serum prevented further scalp hair loss, while in some cases new hair growth was noticeable.
However, our Beard Booster is primarily intended for the beard, so we cannot guarantee what results you will achieve on your scalp.


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