Beard care and beard growth tips

May 9. 2023.

Having a beard is a strong symbol of masculinity, but when it starts to recede or fall out, it can be very frustrating. Fortunately, there are ways to deal with the problem of receding beard...

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How to choose your beard style

Oct 27. 2020.

Many centuries ago, the beard was a symbol of the power and strength of its owner. Today, this has changed, because, in addition to these symbols, the beard adds that special touch to your s...

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Coronavirus and beards

Mar 27. 2020.

By now, while sitting home in quarantine, you have probably encountered a variety of articles and sensational headlines, which claim that if you have a beard, you are putting yourself at a m...

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The Return of Barbershops

Aug 9. 2019.

The word barber comes from the Latin word "barba" which means beard. As we mentioned in our previous articles, Greeks and Romans have sported and valued beards throughout much of their hist...

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Harmful bacteria in beards!?

Apr 22. 2019.

Daily, we are witness to irresponsible journalists and news agencies that degrade this noble calling with sensational headlines and shocking texts that, unfortunately, in most cases have abs...

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Proper tattoo aftercare

Mar 28. 2019.

After you have chosen the design and your artist has finished tattooing, maintenance is a very important step on the way to getting a perfect tattoo. Tattoo aftercare should not be taken ...

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