Coronavirus and beards

By now, while sitting home in quarantine, you have probably encountered a variety of articles and sensational headlines, which claim that if you have a beard, you are putting yourself at a much greater risk of getting the coronavirus, than being shaved.
Well we’ve got some very good news for you! Relax!
It’s only some irresponsible journalism and completely distorted facts.
It all started when a news outlet found itself clever, dug up the image below and copied it to the current COVID-19 virus epidemic.

This is a CDC poster from 2017!
The image in question, as the year in which it was made tells you, has nothing to do with the coronavirus. It is aimed at professionals who need respiratory protection at work and who use masks with filters that cling to the face almost in a hermetic manner, unlike surgical masks.
In addition, the CDC advises that masks should not be used at all unless you show symptoms of being infected or are working as a healthcare professional.

In most cases, respiratory viruses such as the coronavirus are transmitted by sneezing, coughing, and inhaling respiratory droplets from an infected person. Although it is potentially possible for a person to get infected with the coronavirus by touching an infected surface and then putting their unwashed hands in their nose, mouth or eyes, this can happen with or without a beard. The virus can stay on your shaved cheeks and on the rest of your face, as it can on your beard.
Shaving, on the other hand, creates micro-cuts that have proven you to be more susceptible to various types of infections, including viruses.

That’s why we advise you, don’t believe everything you read, check the facts, and wash your beard regularly.
There is no room for nervousness and panic.

Be smart, stay safe and #stayathome

Stefan, 27.03.2020.