How often should you wash your beard

We are sure that you have found endless articles which give you a precise answer to this question. If you are expecting the same from us, it’s best that you don’t read the rest of this article, in order to avoid being disappointed. We will not do the same, because simply put, it is not possible. However, we will explain the most important factors you need to take into account when washing your beard, in order to enable you to make a smart decision on what the right solution is for you.

Let’s start with an example; you and your friend both wash your beards once per week. You read somewhere that this was the right thing to do and you adopted this practice.
Further, let’s say that you are an athlete, training 4-5 times per week and you have a field job. Your friend is not so active, he prefers to spend his time more leisurely and have the day he is stoke to his desk job. But you both wash you beards once per week?! By now you surely figured out why there can’t be one simple and correct answer.

Therefore, it depends on many factors. Some of them are:
– How active are you, do you workout?
– Do you have a physically demanding job or do you have a desk job?
– Do you have extremely dry skin/beard?
– Do you wash your beard with regular or beard shampoo?
– Do you use beard oils/balms?

Before we give you guidelines for specific cases, we must explain why it is so important to use products intended for beards.
Commercial shampoos which are sold in big retail stores and supermarkets are filled with toxic chemicals and harmful ingredients that dry up your skin and beard. Also, they just aren’t formulated for the thing you need. You should wash your beard with 100% natural beard shampoos. A well formulated beard shampoo will clean all the impurities from your beard without drying up your skin/beard and destroying all the natural oils which make your skin and beard healthy.

So, if we assume that you take care of your beard properly, with the appropriate shampoos and beard oils, we can give you the following recommendation and guidelines:

If you are physically active and/or have a field job, you can wash your beard 3-4 times per week.
Otherwise, if you are not very active and have a desk job, it’s enough to wash your beard 1-2 times per week.

Off course, these are just general guidelines and with time you will be able to assess what suits you and your beard the most!
And don’t forget, beard oil is a must after washing your beard!

Stefan, 27.12.2018.