IMPERIAL Exclusive Beard Oil

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This beard oil is something else. Something really special.
Our Imperial beard oil has our signature EXCLUSIVE formula.
Years of experience and research, together with a lot of testing has led to the fact that we can proudly say that this is the finest beard oil you will ever have the pleasure to use.
You will find out what makes this beard oil so special as soon as you rub it through your hands and beard!

The Golden Spartan exclusively uses the highest quality natural ingredients. Hand poured for your beards enjoyment.
The Golden Spartan Beard Oil hydrates and moisturizes your beard while acting as a grooming tool. It prevents hair from growing brittle, helps prevent flaking, dandruff and skin dryness. It makes the beard more manageable, neat, soft and smooth.

Ingredients: Argan oil, jojoba oil, amla oil, pecan walnut oil, castor oil, evening primrose oil, vitamin E, vitamin A, essential and fragrance oils.


Note: Our products are clinically tested in a certified laboratory and possess health safety certificates.

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0.083 kg
Bottle closure
Pipette, Screw cap

1 review for IMPERIAL Exclusive Beard Oil

  1. Sokolov0412

    GSpartan is trying to keep the scent of this oil a mystery so I wont say anything about it except that it is sublime, lasts a long time and makes your skin feels soft, smooth and healthy.
    My GF bought this for me as a present, because this is the most expensive oil that GS makes, but little did she know that this was a secret that helped Spartans against the Persians at Thermopylae. Guaranteed that one.

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