Trimming your beard the right way

What is the best and most efficient way to trim you beard?

It is very simply. Set aside one or two hours of your time, take a walk to your favorite barbershop and relax while your beard is taken care of by the skillful hands of your barber.
You probably didn’t expect this answer, we’re pretty sure you were hoping for some detailed ‘how to’ pictures with lines, angles and information on how, were and how much you should trim of. So let us have a chat about why we do support ‘do it yourself’ home trimming.

Firstly, it is so easy to destroy the entire shape of your beard that you have been growing for so long, with just one small move. That small mistake can put you back from a week to even a few weeks, until everything is back to the way it was. So often enough you end up ruining your beard and going to your barber anyway, so he can try to fix your mistake. Every seasoned beardsman has experienced this and knows how frustrating it can be.
Secondly, there is someone who is much more competent than all of us, someone who has mastered this craft and has had years of experience in perfecting it. A good barber besides giving your beard a nice cut can give you many useful advice. Such as whether your beard is healthy, are you doing a good job in keeping your beard healthy and much more. He can also tell you which beard style suits you the most.

Lastly, but not the least important, make some time for yourself. In an evermore-fast paced world full of stresses, take some time to relax. Visit your barbershop, talk to other beardsman, have a drink and pour your soul out to your barber. Experiencing this slow-paced old-fashioned grooming ritual will do you a lot of good!

Stefan, 27.02.2019.