Why use beard oil?

Beard oil is the most important weapon of every beardsman. Not only is it important, it’s also a must have. Did you know that most men that start to grow out their beard, give up in the first or second week? And did you know that the main reason for this is: ITCHING. Terrible, constant, tiresome itching…
All of us that are beardsmen for some time now, remember how our beginning felt and looked like. We will probably never forget the feeling of relief that we felt the first time we tried beard oil.
To continue, beards start itching after about a few from your last shave. The reason for this itch is that your sebaceous glands can’t produce enough oil to fulfill the needs of you beard follicles, which are now much bigger.
Due to this deficiency, besides itching, other problems such as dry skin, flaking, dandruff and split ends, occur. You will also surely notice that you beard is dry, rough and messy.

All of this would be a huge problem, if there weren’t a simple solution. However, a well formulated beard oil really solves all of these problems. Most simple put, beard oils are used as a supplement to your beard’s and skin’s natural oils, which your sebaceous glands cannot produce enough of. By using beard oil itching will stop after a few applications, while after a few days, you will notice that your beard is neater, smoother and softer. You will notice that your beard and skin are hydrated and moisturized and that split ends are a thing of the past.
Besides this, your beard will have a nice shine that indicates that you beard is healthy and nourished. Also, you will be able to enjoy a nice scent right under your nose, because good beard oils smell throughout the day.

When choosing a beard oil, be sure to check if all the ingredients are natural and if the product has a health safety certificate. Unfortunately, most beard oils that you can find in supermarkets and large retail chains are made by multinational companies which do not hesitate to use harmful and cheap ingredients. Having in mind this is a product that you apply to your face, you might want to avoid anything that is not natural, wouldn’t you?

If you would like to find out more about beard oils, watch the following video!

Stefan, 04.01.2019.

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