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Have you ever heard about derma rollers? If you haven’t, it's time to introduce you to these small and effective cosmetic and therapeutic wizards!
It all started in the office of a famous German dermatologist, back in 1905.
Starting with the idea that the use of needles in acupuncture has for centuries given great but also scientifically recognized positive effects on the whole body and various diseases, Dr. Ernest Kroumayer, began experimenting with the effect of needles on healing scars and hyperpigmentation of the skin. Over time, the medical industry perfected this approach and as a final result, the derma roller was created.
What is the secret behind the derma roller’s power? Nature!
– The power of self-regeneration of our organism;
– The power of the skin to respond to stimulation and begin to regenerate;
– Cell division processes, collagen and elastin synthesis, improved blood circulation, nerve stimulation;
– Revitalization of dormant cells and physiological processes

Regular and persistent treatment, as well as patience, will enable dormant cells and physiological processes to begin their revitalization.

Soon after, dermatologists discovered more positive effects, so the derma roller received another application: help in stimulating the renewal and growth of hair.
If you want to wake up dormant beard follicles, strengthen existing beard and prolong their growth phase in a natural and simple way, our Beard Roller is just the thing for you.
It will improve the microcirculation of the skin, stimulate the exchange of nutrients in the root of the beard follicle and awaken the nerve endings. Over time, first of all, the excessive hair loss (beard, hair) stops, the existing beard is livelier, shinier and longer-lasting, and in two to three months you will notice the first new hair from the recovered follicles.
Of course, it is necessary to expect realistic results: only those follicles that you already have genetically will recover and come to life. Where there is no beard follicle in your skin, the Beard Roller, as well as any other treatment will not work wonders.
However, the Beard Roller is widely considered an easily accessible and efficient way to get the maximum possible effect with little effort and patience.
Another advantage of our Beard Roller is the increase in resorption and the effect of beard growth or beard care products you might be using.
How to use our Beard Roller?
Only one person can use one Beard Roller.
The Golden Spartan Beard Roller is of exceptional quality; with 0.5mm long titanium needles, easy to maintain and disinfect.
Before use, wash the roller with lukewarm water, disinfect with 70% alcohol and leave to dry on a clean cloth.
The face should be washed and clean.
If you use our BEARD BOOSTER Beard Growth Serum, apply it half an hour earlier. Our Beard Roller will intensify its role.
Roll the Beard Roller no more than ten times along the same area of your beard. First up and down, and then in diagonal directions, covering the whole “full beard” area.
The process should not be unpleasant and painful but on the threshold of tolerance.
The treatment should not last less than two minutes, nor longer than ten.
Initially, the treatment should be carried out twice a week with an interval of three or four days, and after six weeks once a week. The entire treatment should last three to six months. After achieving the desired results, for maintaining the health and vitality of the beard, use your Beard Roller at least once a month.

A “full beard” is a goal that is very realistically achievable, but it does not happen overnight, because it is a time-conditioned process that requires perseverance and patience.
When you finally reach that goal, your beard will be lush, hair thicker, longer-lasting and shinier.
To avoid destroying new, delicate beard follicles, we do not recommend shaving in the first three months of treatment. If it is necessary for you to shape your beard, you can do it with a trimmer, but not more often than twice a month.
Our Beard Roller is also recommended for those who have a healthy and thick beard, and want to nurture it and maintain its vitality.
The Beard Roller is intended for everyone who wants natural and realistic recovery and care, emphasizing persistence and patience, as well as healthy habits and lifestyles. It is an excellent addition to natural products for hygiene and care.

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